9th & 10th Grade NCSY Hiking Day!

NCSY Hike Day will meet at Blue Hills park entrance. We'll go for a fun and scenic hike, followed by making a dinner/bonfire. We'll share inspirational stories around the bonfire and then head back for pick up.

The way our summer activities will be structured is we will have two activities per week for the month of July, starting July 6th. Every week, the two activities will be identical, but one is for upperclassmen and the other is for underclassmen. Due to state requirements and our need to maintain the size of our groups, teens must register in order to attend each event. All teens must also bring masks to each event. We will provide sanitizer and disinfectant wipes on-site. We have a registration page for each event and each age category based on incoming grades. Incoming 9th grade and incoming 10th grade are one group. Incoming 11th grade and incoming 12th are another group. If the number of teens that register exceeds the state limit, we will open more groups.




4:00 PM

Meet at blue hills meeting point

4:30 PM

Start the hike

5:30 PM

Arrive at bonfire point

5:45 PM


6:30 PM


Smores + Learning discussions

7:30 PM

Hike back down

8:30 PM

Pick Up

Registration is now closed.
Please contact yudi@ncsy.org for more information.